Be a Business leader and deliver Small Business Workshops

Be a Business Leader and deliver Small Business Workshops to Real Businesses! Experience for Sheridan HR and Marketing/Ecommerce Students

Sheridan Marketing/Ecommerce and Human Resources students have an opportunity to design and delivered two workshops this year, one in the fall and one in the winter. This is the third year we have helped small business with workshops. These workshops will be offered to small businesses with the promotion and support of the Brampton Small Business Enterprise Centre (run by the City of Brampton with Ontario government Funding).  Sheridan second and third year students from the Davis campus will deliver their first workshop in November for Small Business start-up people at the Enterprise Center in downtown Brampton. These workshops are a leadership initiative of the Business Council with the support of Faculty.

You will gain many benefits from participation including; leadership, business experience, knowledge and confidence, networking skills, high level presentation skills and an opportunity to see how learning is applied in a real business setting. Cassandra Baccardax from the Brampton Small Business Enterprise Center noted, “These workshops have provided local small businesses with very useful business skills and inspiration from the energetic delivery.  The Enterprise Centre appreciates the partnership we have had with Sheridan students and faculty over the years.

Second and third year HR and Marketing/Ecommerce students are invited to get involved for the first workshop this fall 2009. This fall we will have a group of HR students organizing a workshop on “Motivation and Engagement” and a group of Marketing and Ecommerce students organizing a workshop on “Relationship Marketing”. You will have lots of help with content and presentation practice.

If you are interested in getting involved or hearing more about these workshops please send an e-mail to; The first meeting will be in early October 2009.

Workshop Photo 2008/2009; Bhavandeep Aulakh presenting at the Brampton Enterprise Centre

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