H.R. Workshops: First Meeting a Success!

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H.R. Workshops put on for Small Business


A number of Human Resources students met October 2, 2009 to plan this fall’s small Business Workshop on ” Self Motivation and People Engagement” .   This is one of two workshops planned for this fall to help new entrepreneurs focus their business for success.  The other is a Marketing Workshop.  

Here are the details of what is planned for the “Self Motivation and People Engagement” Workshop

Thursday November 19, 2:30 –4:30 p.m.

Brampton Enterprise Centre(Queen Street and Hurontario)

 The “Self Motivation and People Engagement Workshop” will focus first on fine tuning your self-motivation to be clear and focused on what you have to offer and on the key elements of your business.  This will be reinforced later in the workshop when you position yourself as a brand. You really will line yourself up with your business to ensure it represents who you are and where you want to be!

People Engagement is the second key focus of the workshop.  Your business success is a function of how well you can engage and excite people to help with your business through building a strong network (people resources, business contacts, partners, suppliers and later employees). In addition key people engagement skills such as negotiation, conflict management and motivation will be added to build your people engagement ability.

All in all you will build a more energized and connected approach for your business growth and success.


Motivation and Stress

 Self Motivation

 Self- Motivation (Leadership Style, Leadership Vision and Plan, Power etc.)

People Engagement:

  1.  Building Your Network ( People Resources, Business Contacts/Partners,
    Suppliers, Employees etc.)
  2.  You as a Brand –tie self and business into one
  3.  Negotiation
  4. Conflict Management
  5.  Motivation and Rewards

  If you are interested in participating or attending e-mail: john.macrae@sheridanc.on.ca

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