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Greeting Sheridan Students,

 Are YOU looking for an exciting opportunity to develop and apply skills needed for a successful career in business?

Join the Sheridan Business Club!We would like to introduce to YOU The Sheridan Business Club! This club is what all Sheridan Students have waited for! The Sheridan Business Club is going to give students the opportunity to be more Competitive in the Business World, and equip YOU the students at Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning with well balanced skills as an emerging young professional in your field. Our club inaugurated in summer of 2009 with the goal to make your Sheridan career fun, enjoyable and most importantly a successful one.


This year is the first Official year of this Organization, and we would like to give students the opportunity to participate in the development of a Club, run club events such as Raptors games, Ski Trips and Guest Speaker events, and help take this club to new heights. Participation from students will help advance future careers by networking with many professionals within and outside of the Sheridan community, experience in a structured business setting, as well as a great add on to the resume.

The marketing strategies that will be in place this year are nothing less than spectacular. We have numerous creative ideas that will definitely create a spark for all of the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning students this coming year. Events that may be planned this year include party/game nights, fundraisers, career oriented & competition based. Please watch out for our table during club week which will be happening towards the end of October. We will be taking new members at a cost of $5. The $5 will cover supplies used for club meetings, events, and discounts that will be exclusively offered to our club members. If you have any question please contact any of our clubs executive members.

Thanks again and we hope to see you in the exciting year ahead of us.


The Sheridan Business Club Executive team

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