Faculty of Business students win with Sheridan’s Dragon’s Den Event at Davis Campus

Sheridan Faculty of Business students and judges at the Sheridan Dragon's Den Event

Nearly a dozen Sheridan Faculty of Business students pitched their best business ideas to a cheering student crowd as the Sheridan Business Council held its Second Annual Sheridan Dragon’s Den Event at the Davis Campus recently. Faculty of Business students pitched their business idea to a panel of 5 judges for a chance to compete with their peers and win great prizes.

Sheridan students presented a range of business ideas from an entertainer’s social media site to a consulting group to a take-out health food place to a organic food supplements/vitamins eCommerce site to a Teenage alcohol- free club.

Ian Gallacher had the winning business Sayfe Tape, a re-usable tape for police crime scenes. Ian won an HP Net Book. Second place winner, Maurice Kenol pitched an entertainers/artist social media /web site business that would act as a hub for artists. Maurice won a $100.00 gift card from Staples Business Depot. Nicholas Menze was third with the Boogie Nights Teenage alcohol-free Club. He won a $75.00 Metro Gift Certificate. Other prizes were donated by BestBuy and the Sheridan Book Store and the Faculty of Business. See more photos here.

The judges included Michael Breen, Business faculty member, Armando Toosi and Jawwad Khan, Sheridan Marketing alumni, Khizer Syed from GE Canada and Sashanette Roberts, a Business Council member and Human Resources program student.

“Sheridan’s Dragon’s Den provides students a chance to believe in themselves and their ideas and dreams. You can see on the student organizers and participant’s faces it the event was a great experience. Many students have been asking when is the next event”, said Michael Breen, Professor, Sheridan Faculty of Business.

The Davis Campus Business Council is planning a Talent Show and the Business Expose in the New Year. This will be the third year for Business Expose which features well know businesses such as RIM and Sony. Check out the Sheridan Business Council Facebook page or the Website Blog (http://www.sbcouncil.2ya.com/) to see details of the Sheridan Business Council Events that connect business students to the business world building leadership experience.

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